Angel Matchbook Pins and Ornaments
(sayings included on matchbook or ornament box)

Art and Writing

Alice Warder Seely

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Friendship Angel

Always I shall know my sister; we shall ride together.
Always I shall love my sister; we share our joy.
Always I shall remember my sister;
we shall raise our children together.
At our feet sit our grandchildren.
They too shall ride together. Such is life!

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Angel Air Force

Guardian angel for all those
whose feet do not touch the ground.

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Creation Angel
They laughed together,
for there is joy in those things shared.
As they laughed, they brought forth the day
and those things we know.

(only available as a hanging ornament)

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Love Angel
Cherish your relationships
that bring joy and contentment.

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Children's Angel
Hands so gentle,
Wipe away my tears.
Fingers stong,
Tracing children's smiles.


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Healing Angel

Raphael helps heal thewounded and
those in pain.
Raphael brings the sun.

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Picasso Angel
I promise nothing but under-standing.
I give nothing but my ear.
Speak to me and I shall listen.
Sing to me and I will join you.
With this spirit Angel you shall have our drum,
and we shall sing together.

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Garden Angel

Small joys are the
greatest of gifts.  So we
are grateful for the birds who
winter in our garden

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Harp Angel

The Harp Angel brings music,
joy and laughter to life.

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Beauty Way Angel

I awaken and I laugh.
The day is warm and long and it is beautiful.
Such is the beauty way.
With this angel you will walk in the beauty way
and it will be beautiful.
Such is the beauty way.

(the Navajo Beauty Way chant.)

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Angel Michael

Michael is the angel of mercy and virtue.
He carries the scales of justice,
and the sword of righteousness
His companion is Sirius, the dog star.

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Red Swan Angel

Yearn not for that which you have not earned,
nor for that which does not belong to you.
Cherish the simple things and enjoy contentment.

(Chippewa Indian Legend).

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Bird Song Angel
I ask, "Birds do you sing for my pleasure?"
The birds respond,  "We sing instead to wake the day
and greet the night and call our mates."
I say to the birds, "That is all right,
and I shall gather your songs."

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Frolic Angel
Laughter and play are not
reserved only for children.

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Ultimate Friendship Angel
Three friends is the most difficult friendship.
If you hear laughter when three friends are
Together, then you know their friendship will
last forever.

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